Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our conservatory

As were getting older and my wife is one of those that with the slightest buff of wind is off in doors moaning it cold out here,  even if it's  really hot, while I still sit outside.

We decided it would be better to get a conservatory built.

After many months of  measuring and planning and designing I final came up with my own design that we wanted.  ,While this was in  process I was waiting for a major operation on my liver, but, after many  many months of waiting for an operation after several cancelled dates yes you guessed it  my operation date came through.

What to do, proceed with the conservatory, or  cancel the operation  and waite many months  maybe a year again, no I needed this operation badly . 

We decided to bit the bullet and get a builder  to do all the work this time around, as I would be laid up up for at least 6 months. Now to choose a builder to  get it built to my precise specification which we  finally  chose one after some very fierce  negotiation out of five quotation, some were OK and others quotes were just figures  plucked out of the sky they didn't have a clue, the one we chose  his start date a few days after my operation, all I could do was sit back and watch, frustrating or what, I am a builder.

Footings over-site and  drainage all connected, dwarf walls and main wall all constructed with frame work partially done, NOTE, a hipped roof at this end.

The exterior is now complete  its fully glazed,  freshly rendered and it only need painting.

Looking down the far side nearest to where the  new panelled fence will go  there is one panel  temporarily fixed.

French door on the end nearest to the front of the house NOTE with a glazed gable end above, there is a reason for that as I want to at a later date  to construct a kitchen with a trusted roof to it which will fit over the cable end,  so these doors will open into the new kitchen.

The interior the electrical 1st fix completed and all plaster  boarding done before the plastering and  cement screed to the floor.

 Floor screeded, plastered and the electrician has second fixed, lights of our own choosing, builder finished. I now have to get it  tiled and painted.

Looking out through the kitchen door into new dining area, floor all tiled and wall painted plus I moved the china cabinets out there as well.

Lounge area  now all furnished   we also  decided to have sun blinds fitted, as you view the photo  on the right side it gets the early morning sun  and on the left side  it catches the last of the evening  sun  at the far end.

The sun rises in the east and set in the west,  so  as the sun rises through out the day  from about eleven in the morning  the sun comes in from the foreground of this photo Through the french doors  and swings around to the left side of the photo  for the rest of the day thus giving us sun and shade as the sun moves through out the day as the  sun swing around to the west as it's setting, perfect . There it is finished, now when is it going to stop raining.

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