Sunday, 7 July 2013

Its sizzling here


About time finally its got here sunshine that is, I know one day  doesn't make a summer but o boy it's  hot  really hot, I started the day at about 9:30 ish with a lot of work to do.

Started watering all the plants especially the  newly transplanted plants from yesterday  by the time I had finished that choir I had soon realized  this was going to be a sizzler, I walked down to  the workshop where we have an outside thermometer  attached to our weather station in doors, this was at 10 : 20 its was  telling me put the tools away and sit this one out it was showing  28.1 hmm that hot here for this time of day.

Indoors  off with the overalls  and on shorts,  hmm not a nice site,  Pure white legs  better get the sun glasses as well, shorts out first time  in about four years better shake out the moths.

Well  time is ticking along now temperature is still rising, phew still getting hotter,   its now 14:45 and its  36.5c by the workshop,

In the  full  glare of the sun where Pam is  sat,   well seeing is believing.

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