Tuesday, 30 July 2013

scented honeysuckle

Just popped out to check on the weather after yesterday deluge.  hmm It,s a very  slow drizzle at the moment not to bad, I'm out now  so just as well get the new honeysuckles in,  The first scented one I want in a pot its called Regina.  We found the right sized pot yesterday at our local garden cent-re to fit snuggle into the obelisk that will help support the honeysuckle as it grows.

Plenty of  stones in the bottom of the pot  and then filled with   new garden soil from the same garden cent-re  special offer  4 bags £10.

Pot is held firmly inside  the obelisk as seen here from different directions or, if you like the pot is helping to hold the obelisk firmly.     

That's one sorted now,  just as I was positioning the other two honeysuckles getting ready to  dig out there holes for planting down it came again.
I'm not complaining about the rain. I planted  out my coriander plants two days ago some of the  poor plants  are floating in there troughs. give them a chance please.

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