Thursday, 17 October 2013

End of season veg

Well here we are mid October, Were just back from our Holidays in Holland, been back a few days now so today it was time to gather in the remaining  harvest, next week  I'll  start prepping the garden  for the winter clear all the old runner bean plants old tomato bags  De-weed the the garden from the last three weeks growth etc, then.

Its that time of year to get  decorating again, bedrooms this year, plus back into the workshop to start  a  complete refurbishment  of an old Elu Mitre chop saw  you can follow this refurbishment over on my blog theworkshop parts are ordered  so in about ten days OK, in the mean time its back to the garden.

The last of the over rip tomatoes, if we had been away any longer they would have been  past use.  These will just about be enough to make a small tomato soup, six plant done really well this year, but not as good as other years.

The green  toms were all that was left over  not sure  as yet  on what ill use these for probable some diabetic  sugar free chutneys.

Golden delicious the last of this years   fruits these have done especially well this year, the best  for about four years, we've  had two other picking a few weeks ago  some went to a friend near by and the other went to Holland to Louise's.

I always leave the wind falls to nature  birds and bees  you know  that sort of thing, the apple shown here will be sorted carefully into eaters and the others boiled down into apple sauce, and the remaining one's made into apple tarts etc, yummy.

last  but not least the remaining  stringy runner beans now long past eating, as shown here to dry and shrivel  out over the following months, yep you guessed it next years  planting beans hopefully.

This years disasters, all the  red and yellow pepper plants, all the  basil plants, total disasters,  four of the twelve rosemary cuttings  never made it, but the others seem to be doing fine, all four  clematis are doing fine and so are the three honeysuckles  doing well.

This only leaves my first attempt at growing  Celery still to be cut as when needed, what do you think?.

All the above was grown without any chemical assistant, no fertilizers pesticides etc  and no water from the mains either, all water came from my water butts, any recipes that may come from the  above will in time appear over on Simply Organic.


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