Thursday, 16 April 2015

New quality fence panels

Well its about time I posted here again , I have a new shed arriving in mid may . Sorry guys  no post on building a new shed. Its proved  cheaper  to buy one this time  rather than build one,  thats  a sign of the times hey.  I have to move things around in the garden to make room for a green house later on, (edwins fault). Unfortunately for me the sunniest spot in the garden for the greenhouse is where we have a large tin shed, its too large to be moved and fitted elsewhere in the garden so it has to go, but before that I have to store it contents, hence the new shed.  The only place for the shed means more work for me first replacing two fence panels.

Started making them today,   the garden centre that I usually  buy all my garden materials from has now closed down which is a real pity  they only sold quality products, I cannot  source these panels elsewhere in southern England only cheaper flimsy version, crap.

Luckily,  I have timber stored  from when we removed one of our decks when we erected our conservatory a few years ago.

Framework all cut and assembled ready for tomorrows featheredge boarding.

Ok   Here we go again,  today lovely sunny day time to crack into the panels  and nail  the feather edged  boarding  as seen  on the right.

I used 40 mm wire nails  you can use  ring shank nails if you wish but  its not really necessary, your choice.

First I set up a sliding square to space each individual boarding at the right space  to match the existing panels that I already have.

My panels are 2m square  you will have to decide what spacing you require  depending on the  size of the panels  you  may already have,  or this maybe decided  if your matching existing panels, or  again possible just filling a cap in hedging, or  similar.

Shown on the left panel partly completed  with square setup to decide correct spacing for board spacing, with my spacing  I used 18 boards  to complete a 2m panel width.

Heres both panels are now completed,  all that left to do is machine out two capping  strips to fit to  the top edge of panel its main purpose is  to run of any rain water to stop the end of the feather edge from rotting over a period of time.

Now both panels are complete, its now time to remove the old panels and concrete gravel boards and cut back all the brambles from the the side of the panels.  Number one son is not available till monday night to help lift these panel into position as these are very heavy, I need to slide these panels down a concrete groove in the posts which will take three of us, two to lift these into the groove.

OK  there made,  now its time to lift out the old panels, well lift out maybe a slight exaggeration  fall out is nearer the truth.

Now to attack the undergrowth next door and chop back all the massive brambles.   Corner post  which was concreted into position some ten years ago when I put up the original  rear fence. Now its settled and has gone out of plumb as can be seen  in the photo.  I drilled a 10mm hole through the top of the post and  into the other post as well just out of shot in this photo I then  bought four 125mm eye bolts and pulled it back plumb again with a straining wire.

The existing panels  were only 1m high  with about four 150mm concrete gravel boards under each of them in this corner many years ago I had a small compost  heap  hence the concrete boards to stop early rot of the panels, one  still clearly seen in this photo these were all  removed, they will be used elsewhere  in the garden later.

Ok  it now monday night  myself and my son Ian lift the panels up and straight into position  with no struggling at all, both panels fitted with ease first time as well which was very  nice.

Well here they are  fitted finishing the back fence off  properly, now  the composted area has now gone  and it has  become a completed  full 2m high fence which returns around the corner, ready  for when I  remove the last hedge,  but that another post.

Now they're finished and fitted its completed  this corner nicely, next   I have to remove and store this pile of timber and concrete gravel boards  elsewhere  clearing  the decking area ready for my new shed to arrive in mid may. enjoy.

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