Thursday, 21 May 2015

lonicera x tellmanniana

It's shaping up to be a good summer, I planted this back in june 2013.

later that year It only grew one flower it was beautiful

I never noticed what was behind the flower head it has a complete circular leaf formed around its stem, I have never seen a honey suckle like this before this year its covered  in buds. later in the year its going to be stunning, I  need to  get some more trelis to help support it.
Originally it was at the front of the house planted on the end of a hedge which stopped at the front corner on our  carport that we had     ( now long gone ) It just never grew well at all and never flowered.

The hedge was taking all the  nutrients from the soil . When I took down the carport and removed the hedge, I dug out the what was left of a sorry looking honeysuckle I planted its remains  into  a large pot,  threw it down the far end of the garden  while I built  the new fence and completely forgot it till  the following spring. 

I then planted it where it it now, it's now catching the early morning sun till early afternoon  this is the results , bought from a supermarket  for a £1  bargain. I am so glad it has survived. 

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