Sunday, 4 August 2013

yet again more herbs

Well it started this week with  transplanting my   coriander seedling. The results its still a little early to criticise   they don't look like there going to make it but , lets wait and see.

So out and about the garden centers  looking for Lemon verbena  plants, we found a couple of plants  but there sort of end of season conditions,  not great but that don't matter as were not expecting to get any use out of these plants this year, give it chance to get established  ready for next year with all new growth.

Seen here with the two remaining  honey suckles we bought last week,  we have decided to pot grow these as well still awaiting a pot   that why we were out searching the garden centers looking for the right sized pot to house both of them in one pot.

lemon verbena on the left  the other s honey suckles. while we looking for the right size pots  we found some nice young  Basil seedlings.

My two previous attempts to grow Basil from seeds failed miserable a total failure  nothing grew at all,  needless to say  I  bought two small trays, this started me potting and planting, Not just the Basil seedling  but,  I also cut a load of  rosemary cutting for next years plants and potted and planted both on at the same time.

 These are to be  grown on as Indoor  pot plants

These  I will grow on Outdoors to be transplanted later to the garden once established in early spring next year .

My present rosemary plant is getting a little big  in its present position. While we are sitting in the garden it blocks  a good view of the lovely roses behind it, so before I rip out the old plant  I have taken  load of new cuttings  which I want to  get established  before i do so.

pink roses on the left, red roses directly  behind

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