Sunday, 18 August 2013

late, first pick of the year

It's the first pick of the year albeit a small pick 290g  just big enough for a small feed for  tomorrow  evenings meal.  My first attempt  in just over forty years.  This year is a pure experiment  these  runner bean plants  were purchased from the local garden center  rather late in the season as I never had any  bean seeds of my own..

After getting the garden back to somewhere near normal the removal of a very large hedge,  the construction of  the new fence and the building of our conservatory we decided to go totally Organic. We have lived here for nearly seventeen  years  with  no chemical being used in the garden in that time  and  with out growing any vegetable at all.

Now that we  are organic  we decided  to grow only a few vegetables  this year  to start with without the use of any  chemicals to  make  the plants produce more the only water used was from  water butts no water at all from a hose pipe, to see what the ground could yield.

As can be seen the ground has produce a good healthy plant, plenty of flowers  still left to turn into bean pods,  hmm but very late in the season,   I do hope not to late in the season to give good fruiting results.

I have noticed a neighbour several  door up the road also has runner  beans in flower at about the same stage as mine perhaps its a late season this year  and the bean are not to  late to produce a good crop.

Time will tell on that one   I suppose  as the season progresses.

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