Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Hedge and decking removal.

While revamping our tired garden we decided to have a conservatory attached to the house where our decking area is  now.

This now means a complete revamp to our garden and lawn area , the first to go  has to be  our decking  then one of our two hedges which run the entire length of our garden some 90 ft  in all.

We decided  that the first to go would be  the decking we had  out side the kitchen door, so with the help of my son Ian we set about removing it. Shown here with half the decking removed. Soon after  the remaining deck was removed.

Now the hedge,  It was 2m in height plus a bit more  and in placed 1m in width. ooh it was hard work not just cutting it down to ground level and disposal of  which we hired a  shredding machine, but hand digging out dozens of stumps, by the time we had it all out and piled  up in the front garden you  could not t see the front garden. 

Area shown  from end of the path  where the decking  ended and along side the lower end of the hedge, stumps awaiting removal. lower photo showing the lower end of the hedge before removal.

The concreted area outside the kitchen door down to the end  of the concrete path in the foreground of the photo is where we built our conservatory.  The fencing I'll show in the next post.

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