Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New boundry fence

This fence was erected to replace the hedge that we removed to revamp our tired garden in the wake of  having a new conservatory built.

I decided to remove the hedge for a dual reason, mainly to get enough room internally in the conservatory which would allow us to  feel comfortable in there, I still needed room outside  the conservatory to gain access to the rear garden and access to my workshop  easily while transporting heavy items to and from theworkshop, hence as the hedge was 1m in width it had to go.

The lower end of the fence  partially erected, I intend to lower it height slightly and then add some trellis work along the top edge to allow for climbing plants to grow  up to.

A quick look along the other side, it still needs trimming etc in places and then have it height slightly reduced

Front section  all concreted in across the front drive way , you can just see  the top of the side panel to run down to the lower section of fencing.

Front end running two thirds up the driveway is  completed  still need backfilling with soil on my neighbours side  and infilling with concrete on my side, all the panels are now in running down it's entire length  to the lower section of fence.

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