Saturday, 20 July 2013

additional herbs

As I mentioned in my earlier post of  Starting over loads more herbs  are to be added to my  garden this year,  As a pure experiment  I'm  planting most of them in pot this year, mainly to see how well they do.

At the end of  the autumn if they  look like they have been successful  I intend to bring all I can indoors in the conservatory or, In the  gardening shed to see if I can extend there growing season hopefully to carry through till next spring.

Today I purchased these new one's  front row, all sage plant, back row  from the right are garlic chives, far left a new Rosemary plant to replace the one shown  directly behind table as Its  smothering  a rose bush  that came from  Pam's late mum  house, which we very much want to survive.

I bought in the new Rosemary plant  as I intend to take cutting from the the old bush,  just in case they don,t take root.  I at least have one new one.

Pots  shown along side  table and bags of soil in the background.

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