Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Red currents

These are new to my garden mainly due to friends in Holland. Karelle and Eelco who  are  friend of my daughter Louise and Edwin  they were making  red current and mint  jam and posted on Facebook,  it looked  fantastic  and  I commented so, To which a reply came back next time  your over a pot will be waiting for you  to taste.

As our lifestyle is changing to entirely Organic I thought, hmm why not grow more of our own fruits, this way we get control, no chemicals, sugars if any, we can if we want add other fruits to make it naturally sweet from natural sugars.

We had a good look around the garden centers  and final bought these two Red current plants which I decided to grow in  pots  for some strange reason rather than plant in the  garden. Luckily we already had two identical pots  ready and waiting for just these plants.

There  names.
On the left Roland.
On the right.  Red lake. 

I understand the birds like the buds during winter and the fruits in the summer,  plenty of time to get some canes and netting .

I'm looking forwards to seeing these grow over the next year and made into jam.

These  along with our home grow mint will be the first of many fruits planned to be   grown organically with out the use of chemicals in our garden.

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