Sunday, 7 July 2013

Starting over

I have restarted my herb garden again this year for the second time, due to  my operation and long convalescent period, this is mainly due to the so called  gardener I employed  he didn't know weeds from plants, I have a few  mint leafs  just showing above ground at the moment scattered all over what was the herb batch, all my thyme, lemon  balm along with all of my lilies, planted after Lil's  death  and all of my  tulip  brought back from Holland on numerous trips, plus many other valuable plant.

One of the three mint selections
Anyway this time, all of my  herbs are going into pots just in case of any other possible  illness, so I don't have to lose them all again.

The herbs that I have bought in from local garden centers, I thought if I put them all in pots they can't go walk about, can they ?.  I did think hmm maybe they wont do to good in pots  well judge for your selves, I seeded two lots of herbs  one being the Coriander  and the other Basil  the basil failed miserable when nothing  sprouted.

Seen here below the other two mints  in the background   while  to the middle and lower photo two of the three choices of thyme.

Two Mints  & two of the three thyme
The second  batch of  Basil is now seeded in it's  tray now awaiting results. 

All of the herbs   I have planted in pots and old buckets have really surprised me with how  vigorously they are growing, its still early in the year, see how long they last, I  will leave over  the winter to see what sprouts again next year.

The third choice of  thyme  with its first flower just showing, It is growing rapidly  it was about  a third of that size when bought less than a month ago.   I bought an old  herb book off of e-bay a couple of years ago stuck it on the book shelf  till it was needed.

I have learnt  so much these last few days about Herbs  things I never knew you could do with them  especial in the culinary line, edible flower, roots for vegetables etc.

I only paid a couple of pounds for the book, money well spent.

This book  is filled on  every page with all known herbs  what it doesn't cover is not worth knowing, the back third of the book  is going to be far and away  the best for me, the  culinary recipes,  ooh  delicious

Those of you interested in  cooking with herbs  please  keep popping in, I fully intend to increase my  garden with a huge amount of herbs  all to be used in cooking  recipes, follow them here in  Simply Organic

Last for this post  my baby coriander transplanted yesterday appear to be doing well, hopefully in about a week   I may see  some  green specs poking through in the basil seed tray.  

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